University of Wisconsin–Madison

Agreement 3

Under Agreement 3 (November 2012–December 2013), UW–Madison expanded the scope of its activities with Nazarbayev University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) and continued to offer recommendations to NU leadership on the development of key university services.

Dianna Murphy of UW-Madison meets with NU's KLLC Faculty
Dianna Murphy of UW–Madison meets with NU’s KLLC Faculty.

Collaboration and Exchanges: A Visiting Scholars Program was initiated for junior SHSS faculty and senior UW–Madison faculty for week-long visits to each institution in order to engage in intellectual exchange and networking. Four UW–Madison faculty members delivered scholarly papers; presented seminars to SHSS students; and consulted with SHSS faculty, administrators, and students. Five SHSS faculty were matched with UW–Madison host departments, and each of them delivered a public lecture, presented a seminar to students, consulted with faculty and staff, and utilized the library.

Language Instruction / Support of Language Teaching and Learning: UW–Madison language pedagogy specialists and practitioners engaged with faculty of the SHSS Kazakh Language, Literature and Culture Department through presentations, workshops, observations, and consultations on best practices at both NU and at UW–Madison. The purpose of these sessions was to develop learner-centered curriculum and instructional methods, guidelines for creation of proficiency measures and course achievement tests, and technology-mediated course materials. In addition, UW–Madison experts in English as a Second Language and in academic writing conceptualized a Language Center at NU to support the English language development of NU students.

Professional Development for NU Faculty and Staff: UW–Madison prepared professional development programs for NU staff in student affairs and student services, career and advising services, and business services. Through workshop presentations, training sessions, job shadowing, special events, and individual meetings, UW–Madison staff, faculty, and students from across campus shared their knowledge and expertise about the work environment of a research university. UW–Madison also offered a set of recommendations for planning degree- and non-degree-earning professional development opportunities.

Quality Assurance and Assessment: UW–Madison faculty in global higher education developed recommendations as a guide for SHSS programs, and more broadly for NU leadership, on international best practices in assessment of teaching and learning, academic program evaluation, curricular alignment, faculty development, and student survey methods.

NU Library Development: Library activities focused on professional development through a series of site visits. These visits included UW–Madison librarians leading training programs at the NU library and NU librarians traveling to UW-Madison for training sessions related to public services and library management and support. In addition, NU faculty and staff researchers were given access to the fee-based Wisconsin TechSearch document delivery service to obtain scholarly articles that are unavailable through NU Library’s resources.

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