University of Wisconsin–Madison

Agreement 4

Under Agreement 4 (January 2014–December 2015), UW–Madison and NU worked together to promote NU’s institutional growth, with particular focus on the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS). UW–Madison deepened its relationships with NU faculty, administrators, staff, and students through consultations, collaborations, exchanges, capacity building, and training opportunities.

Specific areas of collaboration and accomplishment included:

Collaboration and Exchanges with SHSS: Expanded the Visiting Scholars program for NU and UW–Madison faculty, jointly organized two Eurasian studies conferences at NU, and provided guidance and materials for a project to document NU’s institutional history.

Curriculum Development and Innovation in SHSS: Offered recommendations on the development of senior capstone courses and graduate degrees in Eurasian studies, economics, and political science/international relations. Consulted on designing and implementing distance/online/blended learning courses in SHSS departments.

Kazakh Language Instruction and Support of Language Learning: Provided professional development opportunities through on-site and distance workshops and consulted on curriculum development and assessment policies, practices, and instruments. Hosted NU faculty to teach Kazakh at UW–Madison’s Central Eurasian Summer Studies Institute (CESSI).

English Language Instruction and Support of Language Learning: Consulted on the development of a language center to support the English language writing and speaking needs of all NU students, staff, and faculty.

Library Development: Provided consultations on library management and services and facilitated semester-long study for two NU librarians in the UW–Madison School of Library and Information Studies.

Students from Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan, engaged in fieldwork at Muir Woods.
Students from Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan, get a hands-on view of Wisconsin geology (Muir Woods) in Prof. William Barker’s summer course on Physical and Historical Geology at UW–Madison.

Student Life and Student Services: Facilitated summer study at UW–Madison for 60 NU undergraduates from SHSS and the School of Science and Technology in 2014 and 2015. Provided training, workshops, and consultations for NU staff on academic and career advising, student affairs, and developing study abroad and student exchange programs.

Professional Development for NU Faculty/Staff: Offered training and workshops on global best practices for NU administrative/professional staff from the Office of the Registrar on international cooperation, documentation support, and strategic planning. Organized site visits to NU and at UW–Madison for evaluations and consultations on the design of research facilities and the development of a health and safety infrastructure on campus.

Quality Assurance: Coordinated professional development opportunities for NU faculty and staff involved in institutional research, teaching and learning, quality enhancement, and educational technology innovation. Consulted on designing and implementing quality assurance capabilities and accreditation processes at NU.

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