Agreement 6—General

UW–Madison is currently providing the following services and consultation to NU under the NU General Agreement (Agreement 6—April 2018 through June 2020):

Office of the Registrar:  UW–Madison academic staff are working with NU Office of the Registrar (NU OR) staff to evaluate NU OR’s operational services, better maintain existing processes and policies, and provide recommendations for continual improvements.

Writing Center: UW–Madison faculty and staff from the Writing Center and the English as a Second Language program are providing consultation and support to the NU Writing Center (WC) staff in a number of different areas including hiring committees, curriculum reviews, Writing Across the Curriculum training and implementation, and workshop delivery.

Library: UW–Madison Library staff are engaging with the NU Library staff in a number of ways including facilitating topical training workshops, participating in conferences, conducting evaluations, and providing ongoing consultation on the NU Library’s strategic planning process.

Student Services: Academic staff from various student service-related centers at UW–Madison are supporting the continual development of co-curricular student-centered programming and policies at NU in a range of areas. The UW team is engaging with the NU Department of Student Affairs (DSA) on strategic planning in housing, sports and recreation programs, first-year and orientation programming, and student leadership. The UW team is also working with the NU Psychological Counseling Center’s (PCC) on reviewing areas for key growth and providing consultation on staff and program development. Additionally, UW–Madison academic advising staff have been continuing their ongoing support of cross-School academic advising for NU undergraduate students.

Admissions: The UW–Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment are facilitating targeted technical trainings for the NU Admissions Department staff to discuss best practices in domestic and international admissions and recruitment processes.

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