Agreement 6—School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) [formerly SHSS]

UW–Madison is currently providing the following services and consultation to NU under the NU SSH [formerly SHSS] Agreement (Agreement 6—April 2018–June 2020):

Strategic School and Program Evaluation: To support SSH’s continued growth in promoting best practices in teaching excellence, research, and departmental governance, UW–Madison and other international faculty will conduct an evaluative site visit of the Eurasian Studies post graduate program. The evaluation team will also perform an external review of the program by evaluating the course of study, curriculum, learning outcomes, assessments, resources, and course management policies.

Graduate Programs: To provide external review for graduate admissions and thesis supervision for SSH master degree programs, UW–Madison and other international faculty will serve as external MA admissions and thesis committee members in AY2017–2018, 2018–2019, and 2019–2020.

Faculty Mentoring: To continue building the capacity of SSH faculty to do research, engage in academic administration, and develop research-oriented networks, UW–Madison faculty mentors will visit NU to have initial face-to-face meetings with designated NU junior faculty members (mentees) and to establish mentoring goals and work plans. Over the course of each academic year, they will provide their mentees with feedback on professional concerns related to production of works-in-progress, presentations, research grant proposals, or other faculty research outputs.

Research Administration: To aid SSH administrators in developing operational policies that promote and facilitate a research environment, an NU research administrator will visit UW–Madison to consult with faculty and academic administrators and discuss best practices related to research-related operational policies. Additionally, a UW–Madison representative will visit NU to observe and consult on the implementation of research policies.

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