Visiting International Student Program

As part of the UW–Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University, select students from NU have regularly enrolled in summer courses at UW–Madison through the Visiting International Student Program (VISP). The NU VISP program began in 2014 and has continued for a sixth summer in 2019.

Prof. William Barker teaches geology in the field for NU students studying at UW–Madison during VISP 2015.

In Summer 2014 and 2015, 30 undergraduate students from SHSS and 30 undergraduate students from the School of Science and Technology (SST) studied at UW–Madison under Agreement 4 and as part of VISP. In Summer 2016, 20 students from SHSS and 15 students from the NU School of Engineering (SEng) enrolled in L&S and College of Engineering summer session courses at UW–Madison. In Summer 2017, UW–Madison welcomed 42 NU VISP students, 14 from each of the three undergraduate Schools (SHSS, SST, and SEng). In Summer 2018, UW–Madison received 14 students from SHSS and this has continued through in 2019 with 14 students from SHSS.

In the first two years of the VISP program, UW–Madison offered common “cohort” courses. For SHSS students, UW–Madison political science and economics faculty designed a course focused on social science research methodology, with a required research project. Similarly, all SST students took a customized scientific research methods course designed by geology faculty and completed an empirical science research project. In addition to the common courses, each student enrolled in one or two regular summer session courses.

Since 2016, all NU students have enrolled in at least two regular summer session courses. Each year, UW–Madison staff and students have provided them with a variety of academic support services, including writing tutoring, library assistance, peer mentoring, and academic advising.

To round out this study abroad experience, VISP and the UW–Madison partnership with NU team has offered regular social and cultural activities, including creating the “WisKaz” language partner program (renamed the “NUUW Connections” program after 2016), attending a Mallards game, and taking field trips to Devil’s Lake and Chicago. Through these and other activities in and around Madison and the campus, visiting Kazakhstani students have had a rewarding “Wisconsin Experience.”