Agreement 6—School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

UW–Madison is currently providing the following services and consultation to NU under the NU SSH Agreement (Agreement 6—April 2018 through June 2020):

Strategic School and Program Evaluation: To support SSH’s continued growth in promoting best practices in teaching excellence, research, and departmental governance, UW–Madison facilitated the evaluation of the Eurasian Studies post-graduate program.

Graduate Programs: UW–Madison facilitated the participation of external reviewers on SSH’s post-graduate admissions and thesis committees.

Faculty Mentoring: Senior faculty from UW–Madison served as mentors to SSH junior faculty to continue building faculty capacity to do research, engage in academic administration, and develop research-oriented networks.

Research Administration: Through consultative site visits, UW–Madison administrators aided NU research administrators in developing policies and processes that would promote rigorous research engagement, as well as discuss best practices related to research-related operational policies.

UW and NU Units involved in Agreement 6

Also see Agreement 6–General.
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