Agreement 7

For a closer look at the UW and NU units that were involved in the agreement, click on the image for a closer look. 

Previous Agreement–Agreement 6 (SSH and General)

UW–Madison provided the following services and consultation to NU under the NU SSH Agreement (Agreement 7—August 2020 through June 2022):

Graduate Programs: UW–Madison facilitates the participation of external reviewers on SSH’s post-graduate admissions and thesis committees.

Faculty Mentoring: Senior faculty from UW–Madison continue to serve as mentors to SSH junior faculty to keep building faculty capacity to do research, engage in academic administration, and develop research-oriented networks.

New Program Development: UW–Madison will facilitate SSH’s continued growth in promoting teaching excellence and research through consultations for the development of a new Psychology department.

Leadership Development: Through technical consultative site visits, the UW–Madison team aids their NU counterparts in developing on-boarding programs for department chairs and facilitate the strengthening School-level governance